Night Ranger first man city hundred and ten rumble chapter two transactions

Text The carriage moved forward steadily. △↗ Top vertex novel, Isabel is very weak. Although she has been stimulated to her potential, it is obviously very difficult to leave Hathaway’s carriage with Marvin. She overdrawn a lot for this. Seeing the haggard and stubborn look of the little girl, Ma Wen felt a pain in his heart. This kid is really different. He held her in his arms, and asked Isabel Leap about his experience in a low voice, and the latter took her time to talk about what happened after parting with Marvin. After Marvin single-handedly wiped out the Akron gang, Isabel also got a sum of money. She Betking plans to use the money to save her mother’s life. However, the result backfired. In the end, her mother failed to wait for the divine spell from the priest of the Silver Church. When Isabel took the young priest’s hand and ran all the way to Parimatch, she had already swallowed her breath in the small slum in real madrid. “When she died, a group of people suddenly rushed in. If the pastor hadn’t protected me, I’m afraid I would have been robbed by them too.” “All the money you gave me was taken away by them, saying it was me My mother owed them money during her lifetime. This is simply impossible, my mother did not owe anyone money at all during her lifetime.” “The young pastor Mr. Slot Games can’t help it. Those people have a lot of background and belong to another gangster. He Kindly offered to help my mother to be buried in that dilapidated Msports cemetery, but I declined.” “I want to get some money from the champions league to give my mother a better funeral and burial The location.” The girl’s tone was calm, but the content of the narration became more and more shocking: “It’s almost here

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