Dark Sportybet Night Ranger sports betting Chapter 99 Plans and Accidents

That afternoon, the news that Master Marvin returned to the White River Valley with eleven golden bulls had already spread throughout the territory. According to the onlookers, each Taurus can spit out endless food. And Master Marvin is in control of the mysterious secret method, only he can make the golden bull spit out food. As if to confirm this rumor, before that night, every family near the castle Parimatch received a lot of food from the guard. These grains can basically last until autumn. As for the farmers who are further away, Ma Wen said that they will be implemented soon. All of a sudden, the hearts of the la liga people in the White River Valley were excited. The huge food problem was solved by the miraculous Mr. Marvin just like that! Marvin’s prestige in the territory skyrocketed, even surpassing his father in the Evolution game, and catching up to his grandfather——poker was a wizard. Not everyone at Slot Games is cheering this up, however. In the territory, there are always some factors of instability. Someone quietly passed the message out. That night, some stories about Baron Marvin and the eleven golden bulls were spread in some taverns in River Beach City. If Old Tuke and the third-tier wizard knew about it, they would probably die of anger. They tried their best to protect Marvin, but they didn’t expect Marvin to bring Taurus back to the territory in a big way! Doing so can certainly improve the morale of the territory and stabilize the hearts of the people, but it is easy for people to follow up and find out the clues! The rest of the purple-robed priests may not know the origin of the eleven golden bulls. But the Scarlet Patriarch definitely knew. Because he personally ordered the eleven golden bulls to be enchanted by the king cobra. once the news arrives

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