Aoshi Danshen Chapter 15 Endorphina 41 I am looking for Evolution game to come

Little thief, I love reading! “I love reading.” Hong Xia took a deep breath with excitement, “Thank you, I won’t let you down.” This premier league Mozzartbet cave is a bit small, and now Hong Xia and Ji Linger shares a room with Betking, which can enhance the relationship on the one hand, and exchange cultivation experience on the other side, while Shen Xiang does alchemy in a secret room by himself, “I don’t know how the Nine Heavens World champions league is going, I really want to Go back quickly, but if I go back like this, I will be very sorry.” Before leaving, Chen Xiang planned to buy a large amount of high-grade medicinal materials here, get a large amount of holy stones and refining materials, and then go back, the next step is to refine holy beasts Dan and Tianlong Pill, the Holy Beast Pill is not difficult, he only mastered Leap after refining Liverpool for a few furnaces, but Tianlong Pill is relatively unfamiliar, which made him feel a little difficult, “This Tianlong Grass looks like cotton, but why? It’s so difficult to burn.” Chen Xiang felt a bit of a headache, that Tianlong grass that was like a cotton ball, every time it was burned with a strong flame, it would dissolve some heat, and the dissolution was done using the energy inside the Tianlong grass , when the energy is used up, the dragon grass will be destroyed that day. If you want to refine this dragon grass, you must use a very appropriate flame, make thousands of adjustments in a short period of time, and finally know the most suitable fire , and each Dendragrass is different, so before each refinement, this kind of adjustment has to be carried out. If it is not within a limited short period of time, it will not be successful. Of course, this is when the roulette uses the evolution method. What needs to be done, Chen Xiang has also tried, but his refining method is still at the stage of the earth-level pill, so he failed at the beginning, “You have to do it in the shortest possible time.

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