Aoshidan real madrid God Chapter 1526 Linger help

Back to the page Background color: Font selection: Category: Author: Title: Chen Xiang nodded with a smile: “Try one and see if it tastes like those refined by those famous masters.” Ji Linger immediately took out one and put it Put it into the small mouth, stirred it gently and swallowed it, then exclaimed: “The quality is very high, this may be the highest quality Yuxian Dan I have ever tasted, how did you refine it.” “That’s how it was refined, Didn’t you see it just now?” Chen Xiang chuckled: “The progress of Liverpool is much smoother than mine, and the result is better than I imagined.” Ji Linger saw Chen Xiang from the Premier League, and now she knew that Chen Xiang was not only mysterious, And alchemy is also very good at man city, she said: “You still have a thousand pieces of medicinal materials in your hand, so you can refine five thousand grains of Yuxian Pill, which is only three thousand catties of holy stones.” “If Betway buys another If you refine a thousand copies, you will get 10,000 pills of feather elixir, and you can sell 100,000 catties of holy stones, and the cost is only 6,000 catties of holy stones. It seems that we are going to get cramps.” Thinking of this, Ji Linger I admire myself even more for being wise, knowing that Chen Xiang is extraordinary, and the relationship has not developed much. Now in the eyes of Chen Xiang, in her Slot Games, Msports is just a rooster who knows how to download holy stones, “I’m going to buy a lot of fairy stones right now.” Second-grade Jade Lingzhu, we will soon have tens of millions of catties of holy stone…or even 100 million catties.” Ji Linger was extremely excited, and was about to leave this secret room, Chen Xiang hurriedly pulled her: “Little Linger , I refine Yuxian Dan mainly to improve my strength. When I forebet the strength Mozzartbet is stronger, I can refine alchemy faster. 22Bet refines higher-level ones. The holy stone is enough now, and we can earn more if we don’t have it. “”Also, it’s not easy to sell so many Dans, and you yourself have been

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