Alchemy God Chapter 1511 The Holy Betting Beast Fights the Sportybet Frame

Error report:, Book title: The gray wolf flew towards Nairabet, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian reacted quickly, kicking the two wolves away, Roulette jumped over the pack of wolves, and continued to run wildly in the forest. “These wolves are hard to deal with. Hurry up and throw those la liga ice balls out, it won’t be good if you get entangled.” Huang Jintian thought to kill a few of them, taste the wolf meat or something, and even wanted to hunt one or two holy beasts, Other book friends are reading:. But now this group of wolves is much more powerful than the group of blue tigers before, and it is very difficult for them to do so when they cannot use the Betting Qi in their bodies. Chen Xiang took out a small Destruction Frozen Pill, and shouted in a low voice: “Jump higher!” He threw the Destruction Frozen Pill back, and then jumped into the air with Huang Jintian, while the group of gray wolves below had been frozen. Seal the champions league”. Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian got rid of the pack of wolves, but they didn’t relax because they didn’t know how many such beasts there were in the chelsa forest. “This Tianyu is really strange. After crossing a river, there is a world of difference. Tèbié are those beasts that cannot use elemental energy, but their physical bodies are very scary. I don’t know how strong the holy beast will be!” Huang Jintian said: “If It’s the holy beast Endorphina, so it should also rely on the power of the physical body.” “If the physical body has that kind of power, my drunk magic poison is probably useless, that kind of guy is too scary, it’s best not to meet him.” Chen Xiang thought of that kind of A beast that can be relied on and has the power of a holy-level livescore can’t help but feel a chill down its spine. This kind of existence Betking is definitely much more terrifying than a holy beast like the Mad Lion Emperor. Huang Jintian ran wildly while looking at the sky: “I don’t know if the strange barrier here is thought to be able to seal attribute energy, we are here, can

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