Proud chelsa World Slot Games Pill God Chapter 1496 Wild Lion Clan

It will not be affected after logging in with the Msports account. The registration is completely free. Thanks to the book friends 🙂 Chen Xiang quietly followed the two little holy beasts, passed through a large forest, entered a canyon, and saw many holy armors The wild lions were all here, and when they saw the two little holy beasts coming, they all bowed down, as if they were saluting. Xiao Lizhi and other people who were arrested were tied with a kind of rope that seemed to be made of hair. Everyone wanted to break free, and after being discovered by that man, they were all beheaded by Liverpool. So there are only nine of Xiao Lizhi and his group left, and they are covered with injuries, which look serious. “This canyon is their old nest.” Chen Xiang turned into a bird, observing carefully from a tree above the canyon. At this time, a few of the holy armored lions turned into human forms, but they were not completely human, and they had many animal features. Their hair was golden-yellow, and their bodies were majestic, with a tail, arms and chest. All have gold armor. But to be able to transform into a human form, they should all have good strength, at least the strength of the Saint Transformation Realm. The couple handed Little Lizhi and the others to these wild lion orcs, and were taken into a cave. There are many caves in the canyon, some of which are very large. This place should be the habitat of the holy armored lions. Chen Xiang saw many holy armored lions drinking water and frolicking beside the river in the canyon, and there were many caves. Betway’s smaller wild lion. Just as Chen Xiang wanted to take action to save Xiao Lizhi, a golden light suddenly shot down from the sky, and he saw that middle-aged man appearing here. “Father.” The pair

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