Paripesareal madrid Alchemy God Chapter 1481 Never bow to each other

Chen Xiang carefully observed Lu Qilian’s expression in the Premier League, and found that there was a firm light in Lu Qilian’s eyes, which gave him a bad premonition. Although it seemed that Lu Qilian wanted to talk with him calmly about the art of life and death, but He knew that with this woman’s character Liverpool, it would definitely not be so easy to compromise on Betway, not to mention she was tricked by Chen Xiang, it was impossible not to hate her, “Then what should we talk about first.)” Shen Xiang asked cautiously. Lu Qilian was so calm at this time, which made him a little uneasy. “Tell me why you came to see me first. You should have other important things.” Lu Qilian had a charming smile on her face. The smile is full of confidence, making her more beautiful and charming, “I want to come to you to buy some fairy-level medicinal materials, first-grade and second-grade, mainly used to enhance true energy or strengthen the physical body, and strengthen the soul.” Chen Xiang cut to the point, and put The intention to tell Lu Qilian, Lu Qilian gently sipped her tea, with a smile in her eyes, made Chen Xiang’s heart skip a beat, he felt that this trip must be a mess, “You want to challenge the guardian of the temple, but you don’t have enough strength, that’s why you need a lot of high-level Use medicinal materials to make alchemy.” Lu Qilian put down her cup of tea, and smiled lightly, as if she had already seen through everything about Chen Xiang: “I didn’t expect you to know how to make affiliate elixir, it’s much more powerful than I imagined. “Chen Xiang is most afraid of Lu Qilian, her thoughts will be easily known by her, and she will even predict what you will do next, “That’s right.” Chen Xiang spread his hands: “You should use these medicinal materials. Have it.” “I have it, but I won’t sell it to you.” Lu Qilian smiled: “Don’t even think about having sex with me.

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