Aoshi Danshen Premier League Chapter 1451 La Liga Strange Seed

In the eyes of the old man in the casino slot, Chen Xiang was just a nosy brat, he said to chelsa impatiently in the Premier League: “Boy, you said you have someone in Baihua Palace, is that a shíme level character?” “I don’t know that she is at shíme level now, but when she entered Baihua Palace, she was a fairy monarch. Now that she has passed away for a long time, she should have more status in it.” Chen Xiang said. Chen Xiang didn’t expect the old man’s attitude to change so quickly, he said with a smile: “I’m about to enter the Hundred Flowers Palace, if you can help me, I will definitely help you.” The old man’s name is Ji Yuan, and he said he came from a Far away in the palace, there are some things in his hand, which can be turned into treasures with the help of Huadi’s love power. Ji Yuan is very rich, he took Chen Xiang into a very luxurious restaurant, asked for a man city box with various formations, and gave it to Xianjing without even blinking, just like to regard Xianjing as Like shit. Chen Xiang felt that Ji Yuan’s strength might not be as weak as it looked on the surface, it should be that he was hiding a very strong strength. Ji Yuan took out a small jade box. After opening it, there were two golden particles the size of sesame seeds inside. Chen Xiang didn’t know that it was shíme. He used his divine power to investigate the champions league, but he couldn’t see any shíroulette. “Is this shlive bettingíme?” Chen Xiang asked. “It’s normal that you don’t know each other. Back then, even Hua Di recognized him.” Ji Yuan’s face was full of arrogance, and he was also a little excited. “It is shíme precious

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