Proud sports betting World Alchemy Chapter 1421 Heavenly Sword Slot Games City

The holy sword was still refined, which surprised Chen Xiang. He could guess that this man must have taken some precious materials for the Divine Sword Palace to refine, that’s why he asked such a question, but look at his question “The affiliate will be able to refine it in the afternoon.” The elder replied, “It’s been eighteen months. You said fifteen months at first. It can be refined.” The man snorted dissatisfiedly, Nairabet “because of some mistakes.” The elder whispered, the man sat down, and he didn’t look at Chen Xiang after he came in, as if he could let him go There were not many people in his eyes. He sat there with his chest folded and his eyes slightly closed. It seemed that he was going to wait for the holy sword to be completed. Which faction does it belong to?” Long Xueyi said suspiciously, “It should be a faction that uses swords, can afford the materials for refining holy swords, and doesn’t take it seriously, only Real Madrid in these nine days Two forces.” Bai Youyou said: “One of them is called Saint Origin Ancient Territory, which is a dangerous place, but there is a very strong force in the middle of this dangerous place, only they can safely enter the depths.” “The other one Paripesapoker is Heavenly Sword City.” Su Meiyao continued: “Heavenly Sword City is on the top of a huge peak, that giant mountain is very strange, with a huge city on top, it looks like a big mushroom, but For thousands of years, it has never fallen to BGaming.” “The reason why these two forces are able to refine the holy roulette sword is because they have a lot of refining materials, especially the high-level ones. This man should be from

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