Mozzartbetbet game Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1406 Two Swords

King Jinpeng still doesn’t know who killed Xiao Jinpeng. If he finds out that it was Chen Xiang in the future, and Chen Xiang said that these people have a share in eating his son Paripesa, then they can’t escape the responsibility. Novel guide “What are you afraid of? The old lunatic will help us carry it if something happens, everyone can eat at ease.” Pragmatic play.” Chen Xiang laughed. “Bad guy, you’re dragging us into the water.” Although Xue Xianxian said so, his eyes were full of smiles. Everyone secretly scolded Chen Xiang in their hearts. They didn’t expect that live betting would be fooled when they met Chen Xiang for the first time. They thought it would be better to stay away from Chen Xiang in the future. Back then, Gu Dongchen often said that Chen Xiang, Even acquaintances will be tricked into not being able to see Bei. bet game “By the way, what powerful Liverpool’s fairy sword will be exhibited this time?” Chen Xiang asked, and he took out some Jinpeng meat. Once, just don’t say it. “I heard that three holy swords will appear, but I don’t know if they will be sold or not,” Liu Meng’er said. “I probably won’t sell it. Anyone who owns this kind of thing has no shortage of fairy crystals.” Wang Weiquan sighed: “If it is sold, I will get one of the Spinmatic even if I go bankrupt.” Even if it’s for sale, the flashscore is definitely not traded with fairy crystals.” Song Ying said. “What do you use if you don’t use immortal crystals?” Chen Xiang asked curiously. “Then I don’t know. In short, this kind of thing will not appear in the auction. If those people are willing to sell it, it means that there is a lack of something, and it should be exchanged with an equivalent thing.” Song Ying replied. “Little Martial Uncle, you already have the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife, what more holy sword do you want?” Wang Xiaoyun asked sideways with her mouth full of oil. Chen Xiang looked to the side

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