Ao Shi Dan Sportybet God Chapter 1391 Deep Forebet Refuge

Reminder: Only the 10 most recently browsed books are placed in the browsing history. The browsing history is empty. Xiang destroyed this good fairy NetEnt sword. In addition, he was surprised by Chen Xiang’s strength. He didn’t show any real energy, and directly broke the good-quality middle-grade fairy sword. This shows that Chen Xiang’s own roulette is very strong, at least not As weak as it looks. Surebet247レ.siluke.思思客レHan Chen was so angry at this moment, the baccarat muscles on his face twitched wildly, and his fists were clenched tightly. “That sword of yours almost killed me at the beginning. Not only did you not apologize to me afterwards, but you even plausibly asked me to return your middle-grade fairy sword. Go dreaming.” Chen Xiang’s voice was cold, and he broke it in two. Throwing away the cut middle-grade fairy sword is like throwing away garbage. In his eyes, the real madrid middle-grade fairy sword is rubbish. He has a lot of magical weapons in his hand, so he certainly doesn’t like this kind of goods. But in this place where resources are scarce, it is very precious. At this time, everyone secretly scolded Chen Xiang for being a prodigal, and at the same time, they were shocked by Chen Xiang’s wealth. “Bastard.” Han Chen roared angrily, and punched out his fist violently. In an instant, thunder and lightning flashed, and the violent thunder and lightning on his fist flickered. At that moment, Mu Qianxiang also cried out in surprise, but she had no time to stop it. She never expected that Han Affiliate Chen would come up with such a powerful blow. When everyone saw dozens of thick bolts of lightning when Han Chen punched, they immediately ran away, because this was the very famous Lei Yao Fist of the Han family. The moment everyone moved away, they saw a terrifying bolt of lightning.

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