Proud Endorphina World Alchemy Chapter 1361 Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace

Long Xueyi had already eaten up those holy beast pills, but she only complained occasionally. In the past five years, Chen Xiang had also found time to make one or two batches for her to eat, so she is improving very fast now. “It can’t be improved continuously, wait for a while before continuing to use it.” Bai Youyou told Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang’s cultivation with those Dragon Ball Golden Elixirs is equivalent to absorbing other people’s power, it will take a while to completely refine it, if it continues, it will have some impact on him in the future. “Let’s go and confirm where the Ancient Sacred Beast Realm is now, and you can go there immediately after you have enough strength after live betting.” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang had this idea before his forebet, and now that he has entered the mid-stage of Immortal, although he still faces some pressure from those Immortals, but in the late stage of Human Immortal, he will be able to BGaming defeat the opponent. Now he is going to NetEnt, a place far away from the Wandan Fairyland. Although he will not be found even if he goes to the Wandan Fairyland now, there is no need to go there. In the heavens, although there are few premier leagues in the fairy palaces where the pills are relatively prosperous, there are still some besides the Wandan fairyland. “Let’s go to a fairy palace with a lot of transformed immortal beasts. You might be able to find out about the ancient domain of holy beasts there.” Su Meiyao said. The heavens are so big, and there are many powerful beasts in human form. They are divided into two types, one is against humans, and the other is non-aggressive. However, if humans provoke them, they will There will be no fruit to eat. They also learn from humans and build giant Asgards to form a huge collective, which can also protect the weak members in them. Myriad Beasts Immortal Palace, although not like that kind of fairy kingdom

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