God of Aoshi Dan Chapter 13 man city 46 It’s the turn of Dan

Shao Xuanyun opened his eyes and gave him a blank look. She is now considered a relatively famous man city alchemy, and her strength is also very strong. It is difficult for her to accept Chen Xiang as her senior brother. However, Chen Xiang’s current score is indeed much higher than hers, and the two games, especially this one, are still being severely suppressed by Chen Xiang under her very favorable circumstances. It’s embarrassing to call Chen Xiang a junior again, and she can’t accept being left behind by a junior with a far higher livescore. If it was a senior, it might make her feel more natural. Shao Xuanyun no longer thinks about it anymore, she knows that as long as Paripesa maintains her current state and plays steadily, even if she can’t win the first Evolution game, she can still have a good ranking. After all, she is considered very young among a group of immortals that’s it. There are only 1,500 copies of the Five Elements Xuanyuan Pill left, that is to say, Chen Xiang can refine it three more times. Judging from his current speed, plus the time to process the medicinal materials, it is three A thing of the hour. Now Chen Xiang is no longer participating in the competition, but is crazily concocting alchemy, because these alchemy are all his own, and the Wandan Immortal Pragmatic Play Kingdom originally planned to take out these medicinal materials that have been stored for many years, so that A large group of alchemists helped refine some, and now Chen Xiang is helping them refine, but it is not theirs anymore. Seeing Chen Xiang’s eagerness now, it seems that he wants to refine all the earth-level pills provided by Wandan Immortal Kingdom. Such a large amount of pills, if sold by Online Casino’s affiliates, is also a large amount of fairy crystals. , Wandan Immortal Kingdom is now equivalent to giving Chen Xiang the real madrid. Three hours passed, and Chen Xiang collected the remaining five elements very punctually.

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