Ao live betting World Alchemy God Chapter 13 Champions League Chapter 17 Fighting Birds

Back to the page background color: Font selection: Category: Author: Title: Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian in astonishment: “Emperor… Royal feather air! Betking” Huang Jintian said just now, he used the imperial feather air, Huang Jintian actually knew how to use it this power. “Yiyàng with Longli is the unique strength of the Royal Feather Clan, but I can only use yidiǎn for Msports. It is not easy to learn Longli, and it is not very useful after learning it.” Huang Jintian said. “So the Royal Dragon Clan will definitely suspect the Royal Feather Clan. This big battle should come soon. What about the two little Huanglongs?” The ones at the same level…should be called Dragon Lord, if the breasts are slaughtered, they will show their main body, the main body is too big, and my storage magic weapon can’t fit it, so I just make them dizzy, and then put them in a box that can hold them Inside the living person’s storage magic weapon.” Huang Jintian rumbled and said with a laugh: “This dragon meat should not be delicious, kělives corenéng is yiyàng with snake meat, and the emperor bird has wings, so it should be yiyàng with chicken wings.” “Master, nNairabetàme now how do you deal with those two little emperor dragons when you play Pragmatic play?” Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and thought, these two little emperor dragons are both at the level of immortal kings, the dragon balls must be very strong, even if he wants to refine them into pills If so, it also takes a long waiter jiāchelsan. “Kill it, just kill it here. When you arrive at the servant’s house, you will definitely be able to attract the Emperor Dragon Clan and the Sixth Prince.” Huang Jintian still has some tangled difāng: “But the problem is how to deal with the dragon corpse. The dragon corpse is very big. Throw it away and waste it.”

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