Ao Shi Dan Shen Chapter 13 Evolution game 02 flashscore Wan Dan Building

Shen Xiang took Xiaoling out of this elixir shop and came to the street. When he came out, he found that some alchemists also had such servants beside them, but most of them were very handsome young men. Betking “Xiao Ling, why are all the servants around other alchemists male, but you are female? There are not many cute and beautiful girls like you, so Manager Ma arranged you for me. It’s pretty good to me.” Chen Xiang was walking on the road, Xiaoling followed closely behind him. Xiaoling said in a low voice: “Master Yan, in fact… other alchemy BGaming masters don’t want me, they think I’m a little girl, I can’t help them, they need a very capable assistant when they are alchemy, so that they can make alchemy Hurry up, save a lot of things!” “Liverpool just call me big brother roulette.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Those alchemists are too useless, and they need others to help Leap when alchemy!” Xiaoling was a little surprised, Said: “In the past two years, Manager Ma has pushed me to more than a dozen alchemists, but those alchemists dismissed me immediately, saying that I am useless!” It’s a big deal to ask others to help.” Chen Xiang was very disdainful, in his opinion, such a good little girl was also disliked, those people were really blind. “Brother Yan, where are you going? Don’t you practice alchemy now?” Xiaoling asked. In her eyes, many alchemists are very busy. At least half of the day is spent on alchemy. Pragmatic play This is what she learned from those young servants. Those young servants are also very tired following those alchemists, and they spend all day la liga To do hard work or something. “What’s the rush, we’ll talk about it at the end of the month.”

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