World Proud Pill God Chapter 1affiliate287 Snow Lotus Demon Monarch

The powers in the heavens listed above are all giants, and any fairy palace has a very powerful power. look.. !中!文网 “It’s really bad luck for Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan to be coerced into doing such a thing. Whether they succeed or fail, the consequences will be dire.” Su Meiyao said. “They are all casino slots in Peach Blossom Fairyland. The pair of Jade Rabbits were sold from Peach Blossom Fairyland, so I chose sports betting on them. If they successfully steal it from Divine Sword Fairy Palace, I think they will be discovered! According to the clue from the man city, their mother and daughter have to be close to the maid of the Lord of the Divine Sword Palace.” Bai Youyou said. “Betting and the others are women, so it’s easy to get close to them, but what will they ask me to do?” Chen Xiang couldn’t understand why Yao Shumei and the others wanted to invite an outsider to participate in this matter. At this time, Yao Shumei knocked on Chen Xiang’s door, and softly called: “Xiao Yang, are you asleep?” Chen Xiang immediately got up to open the door, and asked, “What’s the matter?” Yao Shuparimatch said in a low voice. : “Follow me!” Then she brought Chen Xiang to their room, and Mu Jialan had already set up a formation inside. It was obvious that Slot Games wanted Sportybet to say something very important, but the two women and one man were in the same room. In a secret room, Chen Xiang felt a little unnatural. “What we are going to do is very dangerous, and there is only two months.” Yao Shumei signaled Chen Xiang to sit down, and said in a serious voice. “Well, what’s that?” Although Chen Xiang already asked BetWinner to steal the Jade Rabbit, he didn’t know what they wanted him to do. Yao Shumei said solemnly: “We want to steal two rabbits, but that place is very difficult to get in, but we already have a way,

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