World Proud Pill God Chapter 1257Endorphina Affiliate Sudden Great War

Below this, there is a very huge square in Betting, where many monsters and disciples of the Fire Temple are competing and training in actual combat, and there are many experts on the scene to guide them. When Chen Xiang came here, he understood why Long Xueyi spoke so solemnly just now. In this huge underground plaza, there are tens of millions of people gathered. At a glance, there is no end in sight, and there are noisy voices , causing the place to tremble slightly. If such a force suddenly parachuted into Chenwu Continent, the consequences would be unimaginable, and Chenwu Continent would soon be bloodied into rivers and people would be devastated. The monsters here are very ferocious. Although it is a sparring session, sometimes they start to get serious when they fight, killing you to the death, and sometimes there will be group fights! What made Chen Xiang sick to his stomach the most was that once any monster died, a group of monsters would immediately pounce on the Premier League and snatch those bodies, so the disciples of the Fire God Temple stayed away from this group of monsters. Not long after Chen Xiang came in, he had already seen many monsters who had just died and were raped until there was not a single hair left. A group of monsters would scramble to lick the dripping blood, making Chen Xiang’s scalp go numb. Letting such a large group of monsters from Slot Games go to Chenwu Continent, he didn’t even dare to think about it. “Fire Temple!” Chen Xiang looked at the tens of thousands of Fire Temple disciples in the distance. Although their number was small, Liverpool was very strong all day long, and they were all elites. They were different from the many Fire Temple disciples Chen Xiang had mentioned. “If you want to kill them, kill the guys from the Fire Temple first.” Chen Xiang was secretly angry. The Fire Temple is a force in the Human Domain, but now it wants Endorphina to join forces with these ferocious demons to attack the Human Domain.

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