Proud World Dan God Chapter 12 livescore 27 Dan Emperor

List Chen Xiang left the Dragon Subduing City, came to a very remote place, dug a huge stone chamber deep underground, and then took out the Heaven-Suppressing Paripesa Stele. ┌He got this God-Suppressing Tablet, but he hasn’t studied it carefully yet. This Tablet-Suppressing God is very powerful, and it is also a sharp weapon to restrain the magic weapon formation. Destroyed by the monument of the gods in this town. “There must be something powerful inside this Tianshen Monument. As long as it absorbs a large amount of energy, it can release a strong ice-cold power, which can freeze everything.” Chen Xiang said. “That’s for sure. At the beginning, the Tianshen Monument was used to calm the ice chelsa sky, making the ice sky more stable and releasing the power of ice cold all year round, but I didn’t expect it to fall outside the nine heavens.” Di Tian.” Bai Youyou said. Chen Xiang took out the ice dragon scabbard, this scabbard is the key to open the treasure chest, and now he still has two treasure chests that have not been opened, but the energy in the ice dragon scabbard has been difficult to replenish, so he wants to use this God of Suppression Let’s try with the stele, but we can’t fill the online casino with the energy of the ice dragon’s scabbard in a short time. He opened one of the three treasure chests he got from Chaos Mountain, and there was a flashscore hammer of the master craftsman Baccarat in it, and the remaining two must have good things in livescore, so he always thought about it. He planned to use the energy extracted from Xuanbing to fill it up, but it didn’t work. Chen Xiang put his hand on the tablet of the God of Suppressing Heaven, and began to inject his own energy into it, and the top of the tablet of God of Suppressing Heaven released a burst of severe cold power, making the walls of the stone chamber deep below the ground covered with frost. That extremely cold power came from the Tianshen Monument

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