Night Ranger Chapter 60 Cosmic Magic Pool [Chapter Four! 】

ps: Read the exclusive story behind “” and listen to your more suggestions on the novel, pay attention to the official account of the starting point (add friends on WeChat, add the official account and enter qdread), and tell me quietly! ……… However, after a long time, Pooh shook his head: “Forget it, it’s actually not a big deal.” “Let’s talk about other things.” Marvin frowned slightly. There is something wrong with Pooh’s performance. Generally speaking, my younger brother rarely hides anything from himself. Also, his demeanor…why does Forebet blush? This guy is only nine years old? What happened? Is my little brother’s mind actually somewhat unpredictable? Marvin was a little depressed. Before he killed his girlfriend, Pooh didn’t baccarat a word, but now he is so hesitant, wanting Betway to say something but not saying it, this kind of behavior is really suspicious! BGaming, but since he didn’t want Roulette to talk about it, Marvin wouldn’t force him to ask. At most, he would just pay more attention to Online Casino in the future. “In that case, let’s make a plan first.” Marvin said in a deep voice, “Have the specific rules for the Holy Grail battle come out?” Pooh nodded and handed a parchment to Marvin. The specific details of the final battle of the three-ring high tower holy grail battle are written in detail on it. The contestants are still limited to two people, the wizard is the Parimatch master, and then the followers; in addition, the level of the followers cannot exceed two levels of the wizard himself. The current Marvin happens to be level seven. meet such conditions. Judging by the power of the other two contestants, most of them will also bring the seventh-level Nairabet followers. As for the location, it is still in the mine

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