Chapter Sportybet1212chelsa Changing the rules

As long as you refine the heavenly pill, you will be a pill king. It sounds like it has a very powerful reputation, but Chen Xiang knows that it is not a big deal if this kind of pill king is thrown on the heaven, because compared to those fairy kings, it is not a big deal. Said, it is a scum at all, and it can still be shot to death by the other party. Unless you can become a pill celestial, you will have a place in the heavens, but it is still too weak to face the fairy king. If you can become that kind of pill sage, you can look down upon the entire heaven, and even have the ability to compete with those superheroes in the heavens. The strength of the mighty forces! “Heaven-level pills are just the beginning!” Shen Xiang recalled the power of alchemy, and his heart was surging. After calming down, he began to refine the nine-orifice tempering pill. This is a kind of pill for strengthening the body, but for the Chen Xiang’s current Champions League Heavenly Saint Body is not very useful, at most it can help him get rid of his physical fatigue. Now he is in Xuanbing City, but he is hiding very secretly. Here he can let Long Xueyi better monitor the Lord of the Fire Temple. As long as the Lord has any troubles, he will Just have to know right away. In three months, Chen Xiang had learned to refine the Nine-Aperture Tempering Body Pill and the Five Elements Xuanyuan Pill, but now he did not immediately refine the Hunyuan Pill, which is a low-grade heaven-level pill. Because in terms of his current alchemy level of Spinmatic, the refining of Hunyuan Pill is far from enough. Although it seems that there is only one level between the top-level earth level and the low-level sky level, there is a huge division between them, which is difficult to cross. For example, now that he is now refining the top-grade pills of the earth-level, he can easily complete it with only ten stages of refining methods, but to refine the low-grade pills of the heaven-level, he needs to refine one hundred or even higher. “If I refine

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