Audacious La Liga Pill God Chapter Surebet2471197 Red-faced Ghost Killer

Category: Silent Little Thief Website Homepage: The assassination of the high level of Shenbing Tianguo is a matter of course in the eyes of many people, but they are still surprised. Everyone knows the reason for the assassination, as long as the Shenbing can be taken down The Kingdom of Heaven has penetrated into the central area of ​​Chenwu Continent, and judging from the cause of death, some people have already guessed that it was the Ghost Killing Gate, because the Ghost Killing Gate Liverpool is good at using poison. (The update speed is the fastest, remember that this site can be found by searching for magic on Baidu) After reading, Chen Xiang immediately went to the Holy Flame Champions League Mountain. Only half of the list given to him by the Fire God Temple was assassinated. It was enough for the Temple of Fire to summon troops to attack. “Xue Xianxian is Chen Xiang’s wife, and Leng Youlan is Chen Xiang’s adopted sister. They are dead. How can they blackmail Chen Xiang in the future? These guys actually disrupted my plan. When they did this, they didn’t Inform me.” The Lord of the Fire God Temple was very angry when he heard the news of Spinmatic. Chen Xiang also thought of this question at the beginning, so he speculated that there was a conflict within the Fire God Temple. The Lord wanted to coerce him, but someone wanted to rush to capture the Chenwu Continent. This also made him think that in the headquarters of the Msports Fire God Temple, there is It’s not that NetEnt is hiding a 22Bet fairy king, otherwise the fairy king would never have dared to hand him the list. “Master, it seems that guy can’t wait, what should we do now, should we continue to stay here?” An old man asked the master of the Fire God Temple. “Hmph, of course we have to guard this place. If Chen Xiang comes out to Nairabet and finds out about this, rumble, I dare say he will definitely kill ParipesaBet9ja. These idiots, how come they never thought about the importance of these two women?” Well, capturing these two women alive has already

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