Ao Shi Pill God Chapter 1182 Betting Crazy Hammer Betting

casino Slot: … List: Seeing this miraculous scene, all Leap people were stunned. This man is a monster turned into a mosquito! Maybe he was the one who got in last time! Just when everyone was astonished, the gray broken hammer in Chen Xiang’s hand had already smashed towards the small tower that produced a huge suction force, that strong pressure made the face of the old man holding the tower change greatly. , when he knew that the hammer was not an ordinary thing, it was already too late, the hammer of the master craftsman had already slammed down violently! boom! There was a loud bang, and golden light spewed out along with a wave of fragments. People with weak strength, man city, were pierced by those fragments, and their bodies were covered in blood and blood! Chen Xiang can have such power just by using the power of the Heavenly Saint Body. Of course, the power generated by the hammer of the master craftsman itself is also very powerful! The old man holding the pagoda was the most injured, with a big blood hole on his upper body, Shenxiang’s hammer was the closest to him, and the body of the celestial saint rotated the master’s hammer, urging it to have a strong penetrating power, A blood hole burst out on the old man! Just one blow killed a strong man among them. What frightened them the most was that they didn’t feel any fluctuations in attribute power. The people in front of them seemed to be attacking them with brute force! Brute force is so powerful, these people from the heavens have never heard of it, and this is the first time they have seen it! Chen Xiang glanced at the people around him. The ten immortals who were in charge of patrolling had more or less injuries on their bodies, all of which were caused by the fragment NetEnt from the small tower just now.

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