Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1betting167 was debunked by Spinmatic

Under the guidance of the old man, Chen Xiang quickly found the seller, bought a piece of high-quality black ice worth more than 500 billion yuan, and then came to a private room for rest with Bi Xian! Chen Xiang took out the hammer of the master craftsman Roulette, lightly hit the hammer head, and opened the oval black ice, only to see a piece of fairy jade the size of a thumb rolling out of it! “Sure enough, there is something, and it’s immortal jade, but it’s a bit of a loss!” Bi Xian exclaimed, this Pragmatic play immortal jade is really not worth 500 billion crystal stones, but Chen Xiang has indeed proved that he can see inside the profound ice Is there something. └www fat: suMozzartbetzwc that fairy jade is very small, but Betway Chen Xiang can see it, if it’s a big guy, it’s even easier! “Then what about the piece of black ice that was bought for 500 billion yuan? Is there any black ice in it?” Bi Xian asked hastily. Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “I didn’t see it!” Because Chen Xiang couldn’t let Bi Xian know that he could see very accurately, he wanted to create an illusion, that is, let Bi Xian think that he was accurate sometimes and not accurate at other times. Next, Chen Xiang broke open the piece of mysterious ice that he bought, and there was nothing in it! This made Chen Xiang and Bi Xian sigh in disappointment at the same time. Although Chen Xiang is losing now, he thinks the loss is worth it now, because it will allow him to obtain more high-quality Xuanbing in the future, maybe it won’t take much effort, although he already has There are a lot of high-quality Xuanbing, but he thinks that will definitely not satisfy him. “The Xuanbing showroom will not be closed to BGaming. You can come back if you have enough crystals in the future. Next is a big event of the Xuanbing Club, which everyone should be looking forward to!” A middle-aged man said loudly. Chen Xiang saw this

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