Aoshi Danshen Chapter sports betting 1152 Nairabet Golden Ape King

The text version of the mobile version: hot keywords: Author: Category: Parimatch “Little Ape King, what do you mean by this? Don’t think that your father is the Golden Ape King, so you can randomly grab other people’s things.” Hearing this In a word, Chen Xiang immediately understood that the Little Ape King and his group were here to snatch other people’s things, but this person was very strong, so he didn’t give in without Leap, and instead had a conflict with the Little Ape King and the others. Chen Xiang had long been displeased with that little ape king, but he did not expect to meet him here. At this moment, he had already wandered over, looking down from a high altitude. Sure enough, the little ape king was with that black tiger, and he brought eight people with him. It seemed that they were going to enter the Xuanhan ancient domain to look for Xuanbing. The man who was robbed by them was a middle-aged man with a beard, tall and strong, a head taller than the Little Ape King and the others. Although his clothes were torn, he was not injured. There is nothing wrong with the joint attack, which shows that the strength is extraordinary. “Old rhinoceros, as long as you hand over that holy dragon scale, we will spare your life!” The little ape king surrounded the bearded middle-aged man with a giant golden knife in his hand. Holy Dragon Scale! Chen Xiang was startled, he had heard that someone had opened a huge beast scale from the huge black ice before, but he didn’t expect it to be a dragon scale! Although there is only one piece of real madrid, the powerful holy dragon is very huge. That piece of dragon scale is at least as big as a yard, enough to make several sets of Chinese dragon scale armor, which is basically a priceless treasure. Of course, Chen Xiang is not rare for this kind of thing, he has the Xuanwu Vajra Armor, which is much more powerful than the Livescore of the Holy Dragon Scale. “Roulette, dream about you, even if you die, I will never let you

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