Aoshidan Roulette God Chapter 1137Liverpool Earth Heart God Crystal

There is a lot of space in the hollow of the Earth-centered Sacred Tree, but it does not affect the growth of this Earth-centered Sacred Tree, and there is no heat in it, which is very miraculous. Chen Xiang saw the formation set up by the ice dragon, this formation is very peculiar, it can use the power of the entire Earth Spirit Tree to trap the Primordial Fire Beast, the arrangement is very clever. The spirit pattern of the formation was covered by a thick layer of msports ice-covered roulette. Chen Xiang tried it, but it couldn’t be broken with the Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife. It can be seen that these ices are not ordinary livescore ice cubes. Long Xueyi said: “It’s not Xuanbing, it should be that the ice dragon has used the strongest power, the ice condensed by the champions league can’t be broken so easily, hum, this big lion, what I have told you It’s so difficult, after you go up, ask him to give you a few more Earth Mind Fruits!” Chen Xiang let out the fire of the universe, and said: “Does it really take fire to melt the Premier League!” He tried it, but although the ice did not Fusion, but there are signs of being shaken, this method is feasible, but the ice block that freezes the entire formation is as big as a giant mountain, how long will it take to burn for it to completely melt. Moreover, the hole of this tree hole has cut off the heat outside, otherwise he could quickly absorb the fire outside and burn it with the fire of Tianlian. “It seems that I can only consume my own things.” Chen Xiang took out the bottle of Qianyang Holy Water. Every drop of this Qianyang Holy Water is full of immortal energy. Send out a powerful sky refining fire. “It’s a big loss, go up and really ask that big guy for a few Earth Heart Fruits to make up for it!” Chen Xiang drank a whole bottle of Qianyang Holy Water, and then used the Betking Sky Alchemy technique to absorb the rich fairy energy of Paripesa

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