sports bettingNetEnt Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1122 Opening the Treasure Chest

After List entered the holy city, Long Huishan came all the way, which was very eye-catching. When she left, the shop she was in was on fire, and the matter of Long Song’s seizure of power was also known to the whole holy city. Chelsa Long Song also went out to chase and kill Long Huishan herself, Nairabet just didn’t come back. www.ka? nzww.coМ see.. Chinese.文!网 But now Long Huishan is back, and she is still walking on the street swaggeringly. The aura of the fairy king on her body shocked the people on the street so that they couldn’t even speak. Many people in betting have already known that Long Huishan Surebet247 has obtained the inheritance of the ice dragon left in the dragon cave! Longhui Liverpool Shan has become a fairy king in flashscore, and she is also a fairy king! This news immediately shook the entire holy city, and the holy alchemy world here! Generally, the fairy kings of the Long family are forebet called the Dragon King, but there has never been a female dragon king, so Long Huishan will be the first female dragon king and the first female patriarch of the Long family at this time! Chen Xiang also became famous. Although he planned to keep a low profile, Long Huishan insisted that he follow her into the city, and even promised that even if he revealed his identity, he would not let others touch him. Of course, Chen Xiang used a different look, but someone recognized him as the one who pulled out the Ice Dragon Sword. Many people immediately speculated whether Long Huishan could get the Ice Dragon’s inheritance. It is related to the release of the Ice Dragon Sword, otherwise for many years, the inheritance in the Dragon Cave would have long since ceased to exist. At the gate of Long’s house, many people just heard about this incident, and they all looked terrified. When Long Huishan came to the gate, she saw many people running out in a panic. Seeing those faces, Long Huishan frowned slightly, and waved her jade palm

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