Betking Alchemy God Chapter 110Surebet2477 Dragon Family

“Aren’t you leaving? Well, we’ll treat you as cheating Msports, as long as we yell, you will be thrown out!” Xiang’s eyes were full of fierce light, these old men felt the danger. “Come…” An old man just wanted to say someone, but he only said one word, and a sword appeared on his throat, a long sword carved with a blue dragon. It was Chen Xiang who used the green dragon to kill him. The sword transformed from the magic knife directly pierced the defense of the old man’s armor and pierced his throat! “Stop screaming, I’ll send you on the road faster!” The angry Chen Xiang said in a low voice, and quickly slapped the old man’s abdomen, the thick true energy condensed in the thirty celestial pills struck violently. Come out and turn into the power of the universe. Shocking palm! With such strong zhenqi, he unleashed the Sky-shaking Palm, which not only turned the old man’s body into Endorphina flesh, but also knocked away the three old men who were coming towards him! These old men just survived seven or eight calamities, Chen Xiang could easily kill them without dragon power and heaven and earth killing technique. “Let you all be arrogant!” Chen Xiang stretched out the water vines, entangled the three unfolded old men, and then stepped back, flashing past the three old men Parimatch in la liga in an instant, and at the same time shot out Three strikes with the Sky-shocking Palm, and one strike will kill these old men! The shocking palm shook the entire Holy Pill Hall. Chen Xiang noticed that many people were rushing in to sports betting, took off the magic weapons stored by these old men, and then activated the power of the law of space to travel through the space and directly from the wall. The wall left this holy alchemy hall. The examination of the gold medal alchemist was messed up, but Chen Xiang didn’t lose anything to Liverpool, on the contrary

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