Night Ranger Chapter 47 live betting shadow division champions league body

The text of the text is indeed the book of Naaru! Although it was expected by the Premier League, Marvin was also very happy to be able to get this artifact fragment so smoothly. This bundle of parchment is the sixth page of the Book of Naaru. Everyone can stimulate some of their potential by reading the sixth page of the Naaru Book. It seems good, but the Book of Naaru is not all good. This is a book about prophecy written by the God of Deceit with all his divine power before his fall! Because the gods such as fate and luck are not controlled by people, the future that the gods can see is very limited. And la liga, the god of deceit in the Evolution game, is said to be the god who has set foot in the deepest river of fate! If you read this book of Naaru completely, it is said that even the gods will go crazy! This is not groundless, among the new gods born in the third era——Among them is Angkor Champions League, the lord of rage, a very powerful fighter who bet the game. Book! As a result, after reading it, his godhead was shattered, and the kingdom of God was also destroyed! The scene at that time was very terrifying, and the nearby gods all witnessed the devastating scene: the divine power of the violent lord turned into meteors, and crazily smashed to all parts of the multiverse! Every meteor is equivalent to a six-ring spell! The few gods who were close to the kingdom of the violent lord also suffered some losses, they had to take action to resist these collapsing divine powers! That was simply a disaster! Just because of reading a book, the eternal life and power that roulette has worked so hard to obtain are completely annihilated. Since then, among the gods, the Book of Naaru has become a taboo word. whether it is from

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