World-Defying Alchemy God Chapter 10forebet62 Leading Betking to Enlighten the Alchemy

List “That guy still has 520 Xuandi fruits. According to his current fastest speed, he should be able to refine 50 furnaces in an hour. He can refine two furnaces in one furnace, and only 260 furnaces are needed.” It will take about five hours to refine his medicinal ingredients!” Liverpool Long Xueyi said: “But he can only produce one pill per furnace. Look. :中文网” Chen Xiang is still taking his time. Refining his pills, he was not affected by the terrifying speed of the other party at all, because he was very confident in himself, as long as he was familiar with refining the Qishen pill, he would integrate the methods in the art of heavenly refining into it, That was also what Su Meiyao was very curious about. According to the current situation, even though Su Meiyao knows the ability of BetWinner Chen Xiang very well, she doesn’t know how he will win, but she knows that Chen Xiang will definitely use the sky-defying method Sportybet in the art of refining the sky. “He has refined ten furnaces, but he has not refined a single furnace!” “Hehe, it seems that he has refined this furnace, and he has refined his Betway medicinal materials for the premier league, and then he will refine his. He is bound to lose.” “He has nothing to lose if he loses, the Slot Games will at most damage Xiyi Pavilion’s reputation.” “According to his current speed, there is no hope of winning at all, but why is he still so calm?” Shen BGaming Xiang has now connected his consciousness with the alchemy furnace, and closed the connection with the outside world, so that only he and the alchemy furnace exist in his mind, as if only he and the alchemy furnace exist in this world, because betting he has arrived now The most critical moment! “My Qiankun fire is definitely not weaker than the sky fire. When I was going through a thousand calamities, I swallowed the fire that condensed the power of the calamity.

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