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Text-only version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Author: NetEnt Classification: Loading…Loading… [ISBN 327976] Select background color for related works: 12345678 Select font size: Extra large, medium and small Loading… Loading Loading…Recommended Hot Spots Loading…Girl’s Mortal Martial Realm: There are ten stages, from one to ten, for refining Qi, quenching body, martial body, channeling veins, true energy, and spiritual consciousness , True Gang, Divine Power Evolution game, True Shape, and Dzogchen in ten realms. True Martial Realm: There are nine realms, that is, ranks one to nine. The three ultimate realms: Spirit Martial Realm, Soul Martial Realm, and Hundred Refining Realm (all are divided into three phases): Nirvana has nine kalpas, and after passing through nine kalpas, Leap is considered to be completely Nirvana and become a Nairabet fairy. After Nirvana is the realm of immortals. The protagonist is still some years away from the realm of real madrid immortals, so I won’t list them for the time being. The realm of cultivating the divine way: 22Bet Shinto: the first major stage: infants, young children, growth, transformation, maturity, perfection The second major stage: supernatural elixir: mortal, spiritual, mysterious, earthly, and heavenly , Immortal level (divided into low-grade, middle-grade, and high-grade!) The grades of alchemists: first-level alchemists to ninth-level, and then those who can refine earth-level middle and lower are great alchemists, alchemists, and alchemists. Level 2 Alchemist: Level 2: You need to know how to refine three kinds of upper and middle grades of ordinary level. Level three: Three kinds of lower grades of spiritual level. Level 7: Mysterious level, middle level, three types Eighth level: Mysterious level, high level, three levels Nine level: Spinmatic, earth level, low level, three great alchemists: Earth Liverpool level, middle level, three alchemists: Earth level, top level, three alchemy kings: as long as you know Refining Paripesa to make heaven-level pills is pills

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