World-Defying Pill God Chapter 1flashscore018man cityThe evil dragon roars

Dear!: w “This group of guys are really shameless, they are obviously not doing well! It is difficult for a good Dancheng to collapse, but they are the ones who are disabled! Before they were clearly warned not to fly in, But they flew in very arrogantly, and in the end they were knocked down by their big formation like flies, the livescore should be bad!” “They really shameless, and they won’t do that kind of Slot Games outrageous thing in Dan City, let alone I won’t say this kind of 1xBet words that make me blush for them. If people want to face, they won’t betray the Ten Heavens Emperor many years ago! This is their tradition.\\Nuoshu Reader : No advertisements, full text, fast update\\bsp; “Could it be that they have special skills to practice thick skin! ? “The crowd taunted the Premier League. At this time, there are not many members of the Dan League. When they transferred to Jianglong City, many of them quit. It won’t take long for the casino slot to disband the entire Dan League. Li Baojun looked helpless, Said: “Negotiating with you shameless guys is really a very stupid thing, for Roulette, it seems that you can only talk with your fists! “”superior! “An old man in Ziyue Sacred Realm let out a gloomy low voice, and saw more than a dozen alchemy kings from the Alchemy League, and a few strong men rushing towards Li Baojun, unexpectedly wanting a group of people to join forces to deal with Li Baojun alone. Seeing this, Chen Xiang was furious, and hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Li Baojun: “Quick back, give me Betway! “Li Baojun waved the unicorn fan in his hand, and fanned out several flaming unicorn beasts, blocking the group of rushing people, and then retreated into Jianglong City, closing the city gate tightly! The two mouths above the city gate The dragon’s head is not a decoration, and at this time Chen Xiang is controlling the power of the dragon’s veins

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