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The list saw that Chen Xiang was also quite proficient in formations, but Duan Chong was very surprised. Chen Xiang knew so much about roulette at such a young age. thing. Flying Speed∽www’feisuw’m “Then what does the appearance of Wenli represent?” Yun Xiaodao looked at the purple-red clouds in the sky, slowly melting into the colorful clouds. Chen Xiang looked at Duan Lao, and sighed softly: “BetWinner means the catastrophe we are facing, there may be a natural big formation, in order to strengthen this Surebet247 big formation, so Wenli appeared! We are very happy Soon you will see some spirit patterns appear in the colorful clouds in the sky, and then form a large formation, and then it will be the moment of catastrophe!” Lian Mingdong asked: “So the big Betting formation is very powerful? Could it be What kind of nature?” Chen Xiang and Duan Chong shook their heads, and Duan Chong said: “I don’t know yet, but it’s very likely that it’s attacking and killing the big formation, and it’s using the power of the Five Elements Heavenly Fire and Thunder. In short, it just needs to be very strong!” “Maybe the five-color sky thunder fire is already the most powerful tribulation force at present, that’s why the pattern power appears to build a natural formation. If you do this, you need a lot of energy to support it, and it will still consume a lot of power from the sky thunder purgatory. Even if Lord Tianlei wakes up now, he won’t be able to stop all of this.” Duan Chong said. Outside Tianlei City, many people have already seen that the huge sky thunder vortex turned into chelsa multicolored because someone inside is going through the NetEnt Nirvana Tribulation, attracting the Five Elements Sky Thunder and Fire Tribulation. This kind of catastrophe is mentioned in the ancient books of many ancient forces. Mentioned! Now many people can guess from flashscore that Chen Xiang inside

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