Aoshi Danshen Chapter 95 Premier League51xBet Demon of Purgatory

Chen Xiang has long been called Spinmatic as the Emperor Killer, who specially ordered to kill the Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Girl, and now it was the turn of the Eastern Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Girl to panic. There were quite a few people deceived by the Purple Moon Sacred Realm. Chen Xiang rescued only a small number of them, but there were more than three thousand people. They didn’t get separated now, but got together. This would make them much safer. According to what Chen Xiang said, find a way to find such good forces as Taiwu Sect and Conquering Demon Academy! Not only Ziyue Sacred Realm does this, but other forces in the east and even in the south also do this. They bring very few disciples to Nairabet, and there are many mineral deposits in the champions league. If they want to start quickly, This method is the only way. In their eyes, that kind of casual cultivators are like pigs and dogs. They don’t regard those casual cultivators as human beings at all. Chen Xiang stepped back very calmly, letting the five Ziyue Saint Realm elders behind him catch up to him. In this way, he could ensure that the three thousand people could go further. “Kill me the Emperor of the Purple Moon Sacred Realm, you and the Purple Moon Sacred Realm will never die together!” An elder shouted, Chen Xiang’s strength was indeed astonishing, he was able to smash the Emperor to pieces in an instant, but that was also because of the Purple Moon Emperor Too arrogant, so intimidated by Chen Xiang’s sudden explosive power that he had no strength to resist, and was unexpectedly killed. Chen Xiang sneered: “You are the most clear about what vile deeds you have done in the Purple Moon Saint Realm. Your Ziyue emperor wants to rob me of my storage magic weapon. There are more than 3,000 people who have testified to this matter! We paid millions of spars to come Here, I was oppressed by you and forced to do coolies by you. Even if you destroy Ziyue Sacred Realm, many people will applaud me

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