World Proud Livescore Pill God Chapter 9 Spinmatic 25 Emperor’s Vein Roar

Volume 3 Contents of Volume 3: The Silent Little Thieves The Duan family is a family that everyone shouts and beats in the ancient forces. They specialize in digging up other people’s ancestral graves. They also need a lot of knowledge to find ancestral graves, which is similar to finding mineral veins. As the Duan family’s Patriarch, Duan Kong can certainly see the horror of that vein. “Hualong’s spar vein!” Duan Sanchang was horrified: “According to the records in our Duan family’s ancient books, the Ten Heavens Emperor also got such a vein! Is history going to repeat itself? Is a new earth about to be born? Duan Kong nodded and said: “That’s right, the Hualong vein obtained by the Emperor of Ten Heavens is in the Ten Heavens Sacred Mountain affiliate, but it has been broken and buried under the Ten Heavens Sacred Mountain to nourish those giants. Formation.” “Emperor Heaven is reborn, dragon veins reappear, three domain talks, traitors are rampant, where is the new Endorphina Emperor bet game?” Duan Kong looked at the black dragon and murmured. “Uncle, how can I get this dragon vein?” Duan Sanchang asked. “I don’t know, only the live betting emperor in the next ten days will be able to get it, and the dragon veins are born for the emperor.” Duan Kong said here, with Betking murderous intent in his eyes: “Those traitors will never get Liverpool , even if they have a chance to get it, I will definitely stop them!” Duan Sanchang suddenly thought of the black-hearted Chen Xiang, he suddenly felt that Chen Xiang was very similar to the dragon formed from black gas, black to the bone. “Maybe Brother Shen can get it. This guy has the Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife, the Heaven and Earth Killing Technique, and he is an enemy of traitors, but this guy is too dark-hearted, and he doesn’t have the appearance of an emperor. It’s a pity that he is in the Ten Heavens Sacred Mountain. It’s missing inside.” Duan Sanchang sighed. “He doesn’t have an emperor appearance, but he has Emperor Fortune flashscore and Emperor Wei. If he can really get this dragon vein,

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