Dark Premier League Night Ranger Chapter 33 Betting Assassination

The black bear sat on the edge of the bed, enjoying the service of the woman kneeling on the ground. Who livescore knows that at this moment, there was a sudden crackling sound under the bed. The black bear didn’t take it seriously, and laughed and said: “Your la liga here is too weak.” Before he finished speaking, a crossbar was gently cut off by Marvin! The piece of wood was already damaged to the point of breaking, but Marvin repaired it lightly, and it immediately collapsed! The black flashscore bear was caught off guard, and one fell behind the rumble! He Mozzartbet fell to the ground with one ass in embarrassment. At the same time, Marvin rolled on the spot and rolled out from under the bed. Then he rushed over. Under the astonished gaze of the woman, the scimitar in his hand had already wiped the black bear’s head! Throat slitting! Slot Games poof! Blood rush! Before the black bear could realize what happened, Marvin took his head off! A large amount of blood splattered on the woman’s face, and what was even more shocking was that she still had that black bear in her mouth! “Ah!!” Her scream was caught in her throat, and Marvin grabbed the black bear and grabbed a heavy money bag. He took out a wizard gold coin from it, and Surebet247 handed it to the woman silently. From beginning to end, he wore that dark mask. The latter took it tremblingly. He grabbed another towel and went over. “Wipe your face.” Marvin reminded kindly: “I’m sorry I surprised you.” After finishing speaking, he jumped straight out of the window on the second floor. The woman stood up trembling all over, and rushed to the window. Unfortunately, at this time, Marvin had disappeared into the night! She is holding that wizard gold coin, man city doesn’t know

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