Chapter 910 God of Alchemy

Chen Xiang waited until night before moving slowly, leaving the canyon where many people were ambushing, he didn’t know that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were asking Zhao Yixuan many things in the Youyao ring, all of which were related to that ruthless demon. www.ka? nforebetzww.coМ see.. Chinese.文! Net passing through the canyon, Chen Xiang was just about to set foot on a grassland, but he was sent flying by a powerful force. The Lion Mountain was not far ahead, and he could reach it just by crossing the grassland. “This wasteland is sealed by some strange power!” Chen Xiang punched out, hitting the invisible seal in front, but Surebet247 didn’t move at all, real madrid was not aroused, he used dragon power. “No wonder those old guys are trapped here.” Chen Xiang now understands why there are so many powerful people here, and they all look old. “Let’s go, those people will definitely guess that you will come here, maybe they have rushed over now. Pragmatic play” Long Xueyi said. “What happened to those two Parimatch little slave girls inside?” Chen Xiang punched a few times, his powerful strength was swallowed by that seal, it was very difficult to set foot on the grassland, he could only hide first and then find a way. “Whispering with my two older sisters, they want me to keep it a secret.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders, and flew towards a barren mountain in the distance, he thought there should be a stone tablet or something, if he could see those inscriptions, maybe Spinmatic would have a way for him to leave here. There is no grass in this wasteland, and there is no aura, but at night, you can see the bright stars in the sky, and you can absorb some stars from it

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