premier league Aoshi Danshen Chapter Nairabet895 Fire Emperor Lineage

Volume 3 Contents of Volume 3: After the little thief Chen Xiang entered the wild and chaotic mysterious land, a large group of strong people gathered in Qingfeng City, especially those immortals who had just come out of the ancient holy land. They fought fiercely with Lan Cang inside. Most of them were seriously injured, and now they understood that they were all played by Chen Xiang. Now Shen Mozzartbet Xiang made such a big commotion in Betting Qingfeng City, using the vicious method of destroying the teleportation array to injure many strong people, deliberately angering them and letting them enter the barbaric mysterious land. What kind of place is that? That is the mausoleum of the Ten Heavenly Emperor, and it is full of dangers, but there are a lot of powerful baccarat ancient beasts on the periphery, and it was difficult for the strong men of the major ancient forces to break into it. Chen Xiang’s intention is obvious, just want to lead them into the wild and chaotic mysterious land again, causing them to suffer heavy casualties! “This brat shows that NetEnt wants Endorphina to lead us into the wild and chaotic mysterious land, where there are many dangers, and all kinds of killing formations and phantom formations are everywhere.” An old man’s voice was filled with endless resentment, because when Chen Xiang destroyed the teleportation formation, He was seriously injured because of this, and he had to eat a Betting precious high-level pill to recover. “So you Feng family don’t plan to go in? That kid has the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Saber Parimatch and the Heaven and Earth Killing Technique. He is clearly prepared to enter the wild and mysterious land now. It seems that he knows how to open the emperor’s tomb! If If we don’t decide to go in quickly, the contents of the emperor’s tomb will really fall into his hands.” An old woman in white robe said sinisterly, with a pair of protruding eyes like wolves, very frightening. Even if Chen Xiang was sure that this group of people would think so, he believed that this group of people would definitely catch up. He came in once last time

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