World-Proud Champions League Dan Premier League God Chapter 850 Subtle Cultivation

Read WEN man cityXUE and learn LOU building with me, remember! Last night, it wasn’t just Chen Xiang who carried out the assassination, there were also many people who acted at night, they were all those hidden forces who had mutual hatred for each other, if it continued, Pill City would definitely be destroyed by these people. He has quite a few powerful treasure armors in his hand, all of which were obtained by killing those hidden powerhouses. When their flesh bodies were burned by Chen Xiang’s fire of the universe, the treasure armors were not burned. Because at that time those strong men were using true qi to resist toxins, the treasure armor did not have any protective power, and it was impossible to resist the fierce and powerful flames. If Chen Xiang scooped up these dozens of precious armors for auction, they would definitely fetch a high price. After those pill kings took action, the situation became much better. At least many people did not dare to act recklessly, and did not dare to fly randomly over the city, but they still continued to seal off the city to search for that Li Renshan Sportybet. Chen Xiang has been hiding all this time, and he will only do it at night. After the Slot Games killed more than a hundred hermit powerhouses, many people became vigilant, and they all walked together, not daring to act alone. At noon on the second day after the city was closed, a very powerful aura came from the real madrid side of the teleportation array. Feeling the very vast and sea-like aura from the live betting, he knew that the person who came was a strong person from the White Sea Holy Land. The White Sea Holy Land also suffered heavy losses. The elixir shop that looked like a mansion was burned down. All the strong men guarding it were assassinated inexplicably, and a large amount of elixir was burned. Those planted liverpool medicine fields were also burned. go. The originally luxurious shop turned into ruins after a fire, it was all done by Chen Xiang! Huang Jintian had warned them a long time ago, making Chen Xiang angry

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