World-Proud Pill God Chapter 8 Leap 35 Ding bet game Sheng Dan Pharmacy

Ji Meixian can’t do anything to Chen Xiang at this time, and she won’t expose Chen Xiang’s whereabouts, otherwise she will cause Chen Xiang to be arrested. She can only go to Chen Xiang when she is strong enough, and let Chen Xiang take her there Find that bellyband. Seeing Ji Meixian like this, Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart, Ji Meixian is a very powerful enemy, last time he relied on Long Xueyi’s power, he almost couldn’t beat her, but now Ji Meixian has awakened her soul memory , strength becomes stronger. “It’s time to go out for a stroll!” Chen Xiang walked into the courtyard, and just as he was about to open the door and Betway left, Ji Meixian immediately sent him a voice transmission, moaning severely: “What are you going out for now? Don’t you know that there are many people outside Pragmatic Play?” Are people looking for you?” “Why are you so concerned about me?” Chen Xiang smiled: “I don’t think there will be too many people like you here, and no one will find me, unless you go to inform me.” Ji Meixian She thought that Chen Xiang hid for a month to avoid the limelight, but now that the limelight is about to pass, Chelsa came out at this time, she hoped that Chen Xiang could wait for a while. When Chen Xiang left that inn, his current appearance was that of a handsome young man with a harmless smile on his face, like the kind of innocent son who just came out of an aristocratic family. Ji Meixian was annoyed when she saw Chen Xiang ignore her warning. Incomparable, so she is a great beauty, usually many people would have no chance to curry favor with her, but this brat in front of him wants to avoid her Betting far away, and even wants to get angry with her. “By the way, isn’t it helpless for you to protect a rumble man who touched your body?” Chen Xiang asked with his divine sense. Ji Meixian’s tender body trembled slightly,

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