Aoshidan Leap God Chapter 82BGaming0 Mysterious Lion Mountain

Everyone’s faces were ugly, but the members of the Duan family did not enter the wild and mysterious place, but stayed away from this place. Of course, the Tongtian family and those holy realms know that the Duan family is very knowledgeable, but they are determined to get the remains of the divine beast inside, and they must go in. After the people from Duan’s Slot Games left, those big forces attacked again. At this time, more and more powerful beasts rushed out, and the people following behind were affected. A purple hedgehog as big as a small mountain suddenly rolled out. It stabbed many people to death along the way, and also sprayed out a lot of purple poisonous gas. What makes people desperate is that there are many such hedgehogs, and they popped up all at once. There are hundreds of them, and those big forces are also unable to protect themselves at this time, and their strong men have to join forces to deal with some more ferocious beasts. In the sky, a group of giant eagles burning with fire suddenly swooped down. The roar of the eagles tore through the sky, and at the same time as they flapped their wings, Nairabet’s countless fire feathers fell, piercing the ground like arrows, and fell like a shower. In just an instant, There are thousands of people reduced to ashes. Just half an hour after the Duan family left, there was a large-scale alien beast counterattack, and everyone regretted it. If 1xBet had left with the mysterious Duan family before, maybe they would not have been surrounded by the beasts! “Withdraw!” The elder of the Feng family shouted, one of his arms was also torn off by a fast-moving fire ape at this time. When they entered, there were tens of thousands of people, but most of them died before they entered the depths. In the end, only more than 7,000 people were able to come back alive. This is still under the situation that the ancient BetWinner and old BGaming force opened the way. At this time, people in several cities are talking about this matter, and they all guess what treasures are in it.

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