Proud Betking Shidan God Chapter 79baccarat0 Nirvana is coming

Oh, it’s so cool! In the Ancient Desolation Demon Gate, the Slot Games was shocked again, because all the four elders sent out died, and they still died beside those tombs. After entering that place, NetEnt was all poisoned to death by those poisonous gases. Only Nairabet, who is extremely powerful, can enter and exit safely. 97 The four elders were all poisoned to death by live betting, leaving only bones, and their ancestral tombs of the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect were all destroyed. Now they lost a peerless genius, Spinmatic Jiang Liguang, and then several powerful elders, and finally even the tomb of their ancestors was destroyed by others. And they don’t know who did it! At this moment, Chen Xiang was in a desolate Pragmatic Play Plain, with the scorching sun above his head, and his expression was serious, because he didn’t know why, but after just one night, his physical body had unknowingly grown a lot, and soon he thought of It was the Suppressing Demon Seal. “It’s over, this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal has made my true energy and physical body rise crazily, even my soul has been raised rapidly, Nirvana is coming!” Chen Xiang was horrified, at this moment he had a very strange feeling, that is It’s like being stared at by something, no matter where you go, you will have this feeling. And this feeling is a sign of the coming of Nirvana, and it cannot be avoided unless one hides in the Profound Realm. “Don’t worry, you have a lot of pills that can restore human flesh and bones, enough for you to deal with the first calamity, even if you don’t rely on the old lunatic’s foresight, you can easily get through it.” Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang still has time to return to the Taiwu Xuan Realm to find Huang Jintian, but this is equivalent to avoiding

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