Proud Livescore World Alchemy Chapter 775 Mysterious flashscore magic eye

It was the same as before, he was seriously injured and fell to the ground in one encounter. Di’s berserk power made many warriors onlookers feel their scalps go numb. Those disciples were all wearing powerful armor, but it was useless at all. wPragmatic play Not only can Nairabet release a strange power that makes people pause, but the attack speed and power are also terrifying. Now it looks so powerful and difficult to deal with. Lian Yingxiao hurriedly called to stop, otherwise his son would die in front of him. He took out a white jade lotus seed and put it in Lianzekou BGaming to stabilize Lianze’s injury. The third person is Wang Tianlin from Juju Lu and Ju, that is, the factions of Lan Hai and Lan Betway Shan. Lan Hai and Lan Shan are both characters from Huang Jintian’s period, and they are brothers. They both have feuds with Huang Jintian, but their la liga But very powerful. Wang Tianlin looks very handsome and looks a little weak. This time he didn’t choose Di, but the tiger-headed man from the demon world. This tiger-headed man is taller than Nadi, looks like a little giant, and is very scary, with tigers on both arms, but his body stands like a human, and his head is also a mighty tiger’s head , and there is a very long, thick and strong tail behind it. A weak man against such a big man makes people feel that there is a huge disparity in strength, but sometimes it is not just big enough to be powerful. As soon as the battle started, Wang Tianlin’s whole body suddenly turned pale. The originally timid eyes became very sharp and full of murderous intent, like a hungry hunter, as if the prey he was eyeing could never escape. Wang Tianlin jumped up, opened his arms, and hovered in the air like a hunting dog. Seeing that, he released his true qi feather

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