Aoshi Danshen Chapter BetWinner745 Alliance Surebet247 Lord

The leader of the Dan League is the representative of the Dan League, and has the highest authority in the Dan League. If you want to sit in this position, you have to show your own strength. High-level alchemists have long wanted to have a competition. “They definitely won’t refine heaven-level pills. They should be refining earth-level top-grade pills. If they refine livescore sky-level pills, people here will have to wait a long time to see the results.” Su Meiyao said. It is not easy to refine the sky-level pill, it will definitely take a lot of time, and the materials are also very limited, the environmental requirements are very strict, and being stared at by everyone will affect the performance to some extent. “I invite four alchemy kings. Next, they will show their strength through alchemy and choose a leader who will convince Liverpool.” Ling Chen said. The four alchemy kings who came up did not disappoint Nairabet. They were all similar to everyone’s imagination. They were all old men with white hair and beards. Guy, let many people respect and make many people flatter, because they know how to refine those elixir with extraordinary power. Alchemists generally don’t fight like martial artists. If the opponent’s alchemy skills are really powerful, they will respect each other with Endorphina, just like Chen Xiang, even those alchemy kings secretly admire them, so they will Let Chen Xiang join the Forebet Dan League. These four pill kings have a very depressing scorching aura all over their bodies. It can be seen that they are eager to compete immediately. “They will refine the life-returning pill, the first to refine it will be the winner.” Ling Chen said. The earth-level high-grade Dan of Huanming Dan,

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