Aoshi Danshen Chapter 730 Online Casino Stunning Female Slot Games Slave

730__(Bet9ja8jzw)730_From () “Little rascal, you are so hungry, would you like me to help you?” Long Xueyi suddenly giggled. “Live betting is good!” Chen Xiang immediately responded, he has been thinking about this beautiful dragon with a girly face and a devil’s figure. “It’s a beautiful idea.” Long Xueyi teased, “When Benlong is in a good mood, maybe he can, giggling…” The laughter of this little dragon girl was full of infinite charm, which made Chen Xiang’s heart flutter. “If we don’t have the blueprint of this formation, I’m afraid we won’t be able to find the foundation of the formation, but even if we have the blueprint now, it will be very difficult to find the weak point to break the formation.” Liu Meng’er said. The two women continued to analyze the Tianhan Bewildering God Formation, while Premier League Chen Xiang had no choice but to condense the Creation Liquid, there is no harm in having more of this kind of thing. A few days passed, and the two women finally found the place where the formation was broken through the complicated drawings of the formation. The weak point was very small, only as big as a needle head, but they still found it. “I’m going to attack that eye, get ready.” Liu Meng’er said, using her powerful zhenqi, condensed a thin needle, released it with a wave, and pierced the weak spot the size of a needle eye. A burst of light flashed, the phantoms around had disappeared, they appeared under the dry lake, but at this moment, Dongfang Xinyue’s face was full of pain, her face was snow white, Betway’s cherry lips turned deep purple, and she knew she was poisoned at a glance up. “Cold poison… a kind of cold poison was bred in the icy power of the Parimatch Tianhan Fanshen Great Formation. After the formation was broken, it entered my body.” Dongfang Xinyue said weakly, It looks like it’s almost

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