Proud Live Betting World Alchemy Chapter 685 Blazing Fire Vs Real Madrid Ice Wind

A long time ago, Chen Xiang had the idea of ​​establishing a powerful sect. With the pill resources he possessed, he believed that Liverpool would be able to fulfill this wish in the not long after the Premier League. And now the Champions League has not been many years since the start of the Three Realms War, and he is also struggling with whether to speed up the establishment, Msports trains a group of elites, which are specially used to forebet against demons, or wait until the Three Realms War is over before starting . Now that the lottery has started, Chen Xiang very much hopes that he can fight Wang Shengren, then he will have a chance to cast the soul-destroying spell on Wang Shengren, and he can figure out what the hell Wang Shengren and the person behind him are doing. At the end of the lottery, Chen Xiang’s opponent turned out to be Tie Ming from the Fire God Temple. Last time when Chen Xiang came to sign up, he had a quarrel with Tie Ming, and Tie Ming himself hated Chen Xiang very much, because when others mentioned him , always said that apart from his good looks, he was inferior to Chen Xiang in other aspects. Wang Shengren’s opponent was Modian. Surprisingly, Modian abstained from BetWinner as soon as the draw was over. Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, Modian and Wang Shengren knew each other from the beginning, and Wang Shengren asked Modian to abstain from the finals in order to have a better state to participate in the finals. Moreover, Wang Shengren didn’t want Modian to show too much martial arts in the devil world, and at the same time he didn’t want Chen Xiang to see too much of his strength. Now, Wang Shengren can take a good look at the contest between Shen Xiang and Tie Ming. The Fire God Temple is a force above the heaven, and Tie Ming is also from the heaven. Wang Shengren has heard of Tie Ming’s name in the heaven for a long time. He thinks that Tie Ming’s strength is comparable to his, so that he can just see the roulette foundation of Chen Xiang and Tie Ming

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