Premier League Aoshi Danshen Chapter 670 Man City We are here to smash the field

With the growth of Chen Xiang’s soul. ╠When he casts Immortal Travel Nine Heavens, he can also make his consciousness travel farther, but it is still much worse than Long Xueyi’s, and it consumes a lot of mana. He overlooked the entire Shaoyun Martial Arts Hall, and soon saw that Liao Shaoyun’s face was gloomy, and he returned to the martial arts hall full of enthusiasm. “Order, once you see Yun Xiaodao and the others, you must arrest them, and BGaming does not allow idlers to enter.” Liao Shaoyun was furious at this time, he did not expect that someone would offer him a reward with such an expensive medicine, but He does not have Chen Xiang’s concealment methods in Liverpool, so he is naturally afraid. Chen Xiang came back to his senses, and said: “Liao Shaoyun should be back, that god son Wang Shengren probably doesn’t dare to walk around now, he must be very angry now, he is a majestic god son, and someone offered a reward on his neck with a broken pill Superior to the head.” “He didn’t think that Nairabet would be here today, what kind of shit is NetEnt God, even if he is destined to become a god in the future, he is just a fart if he doesn’t have the strength now.” Xiao Chou laughed and said. Chen Xiang looked at the sky, there were thick clouds in the sky, and it was already evening at this time. “Mozzartbet’s clouds are so thick, it will definitely be dark tonight, the night is dark and the wind is high to kill people!” Chen Xiang said: “Let’s do it tonight.” There is no nirvana in Shaoyun Martial Arts Hall, Long Xueyi has already confirmed it In this regard, although there are only four of them on Chen Xiang’s side, they are all good players, especially Xiao Qiu, a strong family who has had an adventure and awakened blood, even Chen Xiang feels that it will take a lot of effort to defeat him as an apprentice Strength Surebet247. “Brother Shen, so you won’t be going to the Demon Conquering Martial Arts Association?” Yun Xiaodao asked. “Why do you ask? I’m sure

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