Forebet Aoshidan BetWinner God Chapter 655 Breakthrough is imminent

“Your fire soul is already very strong. The Qiankun Martial Soul formed by the fusion of Earth Yin Fire Soul and Slot Games Tianyang Fire Soul rumble has this Fire Soul as the foundation, plus you practice the Nine-Turn Dragon God Art, it is very It is possible that the Vulcan Dragon Spirit will be born.” Long Xueyi went on to say: “Under normal circumstances, only a fire dragon with a great flame potential can give birth to a fire dragon spirit!” While talking, Long Xueyi suddenly appeared in Shen In front of Xiang, looking at this sweet and cute girl in white clothes with big breasts, Chen Xiang sucked his nose, and said: “Little dragon, betting how big you can grow is thanks to the elixir I gave you.” Long Xueyi snorted coquettishly: “This is all I can eat, don’t look at it, what’s so good about it through the clothes?” Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: “I’m just worried that you won’t be able to support the man city too much, how about Shall I support you with my hands?” “Bah!” Long Xueyi snorted tenderly, and slowly stretched out her delicate and jade-like hands, with a burst of white light overflowing from them, she put her hands on Chen Xiang’s forehead, and then closed her eyes. Spinmatic on the eyes. Chen Xiang was sitting on the ground, but Long Xueyi was standing. The big jade rabbit that was about to emerge from the bet game was right in front of him, making his eyes very hot to see, but he still had a bit of integrity, so he didn’t reach out to touch it. “See something? Live betting” Chen Xiang asked. “No, but have you seen enough?” Long Xueyi replied, making Chen Xiang blush. Although this Long Xueyi looks like a girl, she is really not young. In short, in Chen Xiang’s eyes, she She is a very naughty little samurai. “What’s so good about wearing clothes?” Chen Xiang pouted. , Long Xueyi withdrew her hand, and said in confusion: “I can’t sense your fire dragon spirit,

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