Aoshi Danshen Chapter 640 Betway dried premier league Yang holy water

The four people from Chaos Mountain are now one dead and one injured, and the remaining two don’t have the heart to fight anymore, because they all know that the Chaos Torch in Chen Xiang’s hand, as long as it falls on them, their evolution game will be destroyed. Like the man just now, they wished to die happily. Thinking of this, they shuddered. Lin Xiyi came to the Betting red-clothed man, and said coldly: “The elder said long ago, you can’t act rashly with him.” Then she waved to Roulette and two people helped the Leap red-clothed man away. She looked at Chen Xiang vigilantly, she was worried that Chen Xiang would do something to her, but Chen Xiang just smiled at her, without any intention of doing anything. Chen Xiang also felt that betting was enough, but if the people from Chaos Mountain still wanted to live betting him, he would still not be polite. “Ahem, we still need to carry out tests. Betway please resolve the grievances between you in another place.” An old man said. Chen Xiang put away the Chaos Fire Token, came to Fan Yakun’s side, and patted him, which made Fan Yakun tremble all over. “What are you afraid of?” Chen Xiang laughed dumbly. “I’m afraid of Betking your flame, your flame must be many times stronger than the purple fire, otherwise that guy’s purple red unicorn fire can’t be of any use to you.” Fan Yakun said: “I guess your body must be You can withstand very powerful flames, and your own flames are also very strong!” Chen Xiang just smiled and didn’t speak. Fan Yakun was just rejoicing that when he was in the Mortal Martial World, he didn’t play the prestige of a young master to Chen Xiang, otherwise he would have turned into a pile of ashes. The results of the flame test have come out, only 180 people passed, and the next round is the second round

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