Proud Evolution Game World Spinmatic Alchemy Chapter 625 Unselfish

The upgrade and revision is successful. Please support the book friends. If you find any bugs, please inform us in time so that we can correct them in time. If you need text chapters, please let us know. We will try our best to provide texts for popular books. Of course, because there are many books, the total workload is too large. If there is none, please forgive me. Liverpool will continue to understand that the auction will continue. If there are any precious medicinal materials, Chen Xiang can no longer start with Spinmatic. Once the affiliate has the first time, Shengdanmen will not let the second happen. “Among those old men just now, is there any headmaster of Shengdan Sect?” Chen Xiang frowned and asked. “Yes, it’s the one for the Stone of Truth, named Xie Shirumble, and Xie Donghao is his grandson.” Du Yanyao poured a glass of fruit juice for Chen Xiang and said. Chen Xiang said doubtfully: “But when he saw me, he didn’t have any hatred at all. If it wasn’t that he didn’t care, it was that he hid it in his heart. My Premier League killed his proud grandson!” Du Yanyao said: “This is a battle between younger generations, and it’s still a life-and-death duel. Of course, he won’t pursue this aspect. Otherwise, when people mention this matter, they will first say that his grandson is weak and inferior to others, and then he will Betking dragged him and said he had a small belly, but I don’t know if I hate you in my heart!” The next thing to be auctioned was a long gun, pure green, releasing bursts of green Mozzartbet electric light, the gun of the long gun There is still a faint green mist around the head, and it is clear at a glance that this thing is not simple. “Top-grade Betting Immortal Artifact, things of this level are rare, and the value should be much higher than that of the Ice Dragon Stone. This is a finished product.” Du Yanyao said in surprise. “Oh, I can only look at it and drool.” Chen Xiang sighed. “bet game can’t help

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