Dark Night BetWinner Ranger Online Casino Chapter Three Believer

Late at night in River Beach City, in a civilian area, in a small two-story house. On the second floor, in a chaotic room, thick steam rumbled from the room. In the room, a young girl was lying on the bed constantly, her complexion was sallow, and she seemed to have no vitality at all. But with his eyes open, it seemed that Slot Games was very energetic. “Father…” she whispered, “Am I dying?” A big man sitting by the bed suppressed the desire to cry, and grabbed his daughter’s hands with all his strength: “Baccarat Lyle, don’t worry , Parimatch, I have found a way to save you Pragmatic play.” “You will be fine, everything will be fine.” There is a third person in the room, also a very young girl, you can see from the clothes Her family background is very ordinary. She also sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the seriously ill Lyle. “Thank you, Xinni.” Gru said in a low voice, “Thank you for helping to take care of Lyle when I was away.” “This is what I should do, Mr. Gru Paripesa.” Sinni showed a look of poker sadness “Lyle is my best friend. Live betting” “It’s what I should do to take care of her. But her body…” At this point, she turned her face away, as if she couldn’t bear to look at Lyle. This is Gru’s house. As a low-level adventurer who has worked hard in River Beach City for half his life, it is not easy for Gru to buy such a house in the civilian area. Tonight, Baron Marvin of the White River Valley gave him the book and told him that Mask of Two Swords would come to his house to find him. It made him ecstatic. My daughter finally has some hope. Even if the hope is slim, he will try it. The steam in the house is a

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